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Wallpaper Rant

I hate background wallpapers on all my devices. It's a pet peeve of mine. They clutter up the screen and hide my icons. I like solid colors. I've always admired Microsoft's blue shade the most. Ubuntu's brown I don't like as much, but it works.

Android devices come with live wallpapers that move patterns around the screen, They are designed for people who sit silently and marvel at their phone. I guess a moving pattern is more important that what they could be doing.

The static wallpapers are no better, they don't move but are designed to camouflage all icons, making them almost impossible to find. They are designed for people with exceptional eyesight who need to slow down and concentrate on something, anything.

The wallpaper app also lets you use a picture from your Gallery. I don't want to come off as heartless, I like to look at pictures of my family, friends and pets. I also like to look at places I've been to. 

It's just this, I'm using they phone to accomplish something. That means I need to find things quickly, sometimes when my attention is divided. I needed a solution.

I turned my attention to Google's Play Store. I found some wallpaper apps out there. Some of them wanted 99 cents or even $3.99! Some were free. Most were more garish that what comes with the phone. Almost all of them wanted full Internet access and complete access to my contacts!

I don't know about you, but I'd be a tad suspicious if my barber wanted my Mom's email address. Now here is someone wanting my complete address book and Internet access in exchange for, you got it, blue.

I'm sorry you needed to see me this way, I had to vent.

So here is the solution.

I used Google to search for a copyright free background image. I like light blue.
I saved the image on the phone. (You can use your phone to find the image or email it to yourself).
I used the native wallpaper app to select my color file.

I'm happy now.

Here it is.....