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Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook

Initial Setup

  • Unpack the device
  • Plug it in and power on
  • It automatically updates and restarts
  • Sign in with your main Google Account
  • WARNING: If you want to use your Google domains device management service you must configure it before ANYONE logs into the device or you must do a factory reset!
    • How to do a factory reset
    • What is it?
      • Chromebook management is a different service than the "Google Apps Device Policy" app on an Android Device.
      • It is a deployment tool not a security tool
        • remote wipe is not available but since (almost) nothing is stored on the device this is not as high a priority as it would be for Apple, Android, Linux or Windows. 
        • Resetting the "Device PIN" is not available but this is not needed on a Chromebook because a "PIN" is not used. A User's Google password is used to access the device and you can aready reset or lock a Google account from the domain dashboard.
      • It is expensive
  • As you log on your profile at Google starts to load apps you might need
    • LinkedIn
    • G+ Extended Share (Shares updates between many social sites).
    • EverNote Web Clipper (Make note of Web Sites I need to revisit)
  • Had to manually set timezone
  • I also setup spellcheck to use the full Google service
  • I also require a password when the system wakes up