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HP Pavilion BIOS Update

  1. I have a HP Pavilion G7-2243us Laptop running Linux
  2. The BIOS is Insyde (H2O)
  3. HP is Bipolar
    1. They made Linux compatible printers when we desperately need them
    2. Their servers do Linux
    3. Their clients assume Windows sometimes making simple operations difficult
    4. They require Windows and nothing else (like dos) to update the BIOS
  4. I'll use a Windows 7 machine's rescue disk and a USB stick to do this
  5. You will need your serial number and your product number to order media
  6. Put a blank USB Stick formatted for FAT32 in the Windows 7 laptop
  7. Here is HP's Support site
  8. Fill out the system details
  9. Lie to HP and tell them you have Windows 8 64 bit
  10. Download BIOS and Firmwares onto the USB Stick
  11. Order Recovery Media
  12. Boot the Linux Laptop with the Windows 7 recovery disk with the blank USB stick in