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Ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin

Upgrade from Ubuntu 11.10 on a Dell Latitude D830 laptop.

Here are the different options that you have upgrade. Each has pros and cons. I am going to do a "simple" upgrade.

My Update Manager notified me that an Upgrade was available and I should/could hit the "Upgrade" button.
I backed up my data and hit the button. The Distribution Upgrade Tool asked for my password and began.
Note: as I discovered below.... clean out your boot volume before you start.

The Upgrade tool explained that some packages will be unsupported, some removed and some upgraded.
I hit "Start Upgrade"

Issues during upgrade
  • received an error "xscreensaver and xlockmore must be restarted before upgrading"
  • I hit forward
  • It also wants to restart rsync, cups, cron and atd
  • I received a warning that my boot volume didn't have space
    • Hit examine but that doesn't do anything important.
    • Wanted to open the file manager and delete old kernels and other files but it wouldn't let me!
  • Can't install initramfs-tools! this is probably related to a full boot volume. This is starting to turn ugly. 
    • The install program might have fixed this error.
  • Remove Obsolete Packages? "Remove"
  • "Restart the System to Complete the Upgrade" I say Restart Now

The Moment of Truth...

  • System Program Problem Detected. Report Problem cancel
    • It's the initramfs-tools
    • Open Ubuntu Software Center
    • It thinks that it is installed
    • Trying a reboot
    • That seemed to fix it.

  • After the install
    • Run Update Manager
      • Do a check--- it found 25 packages to update... do it
      • Reboot
    • Links to advice --- Read through them and pick what you like
    • Things I tried
      • From Tux Garage
        • I un-hid the software repositories 
        • Logoff/on
        • I checked my update policy that it checks daily and downloads all security updates and immediately displays all other updates
        • install ubuntu-restricted-extras
      • From 3 things to do
        • Multimedia support

  • Chrome Browser
    • Make sure your add on work
    • Make sure Chrome Sync is working
  • Multimedia
    • flash
    • PDF Files find a pdf file and read it
      • Your Goggle Docs
      • A PDF on your drive
      • A PDF on a web site
    • Does Pandora or Slacker work from the browser?
  • DVD and CD-ROM
    • Can you watch a movie
    • Can you play a music CD
    • Can you read and write files to a CD
    • Can you read and write files to a DVD

Final Issues

  • Screensaver
    • My screen doesn't automatically lock
    • sudo apt-get install gnome-screensaver