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Install TOR on Fedora

This is a general installation guide for the TOR browser Bundle on Fedora 19

  1. Here is the TOR project's guide
  2. I use Jamie Nguyen's repository
    1. It requires you "yum install wget"
    2. Make sure to install Vidalia 
  3. I'm moving to TOR's method
    1. I prefer a repository but they don't provide them.
    2. Jamie sounds like a nice guy but....
    3. I install it in ~/Bin
    4. Unfortunately this doesn't create a entry in the application menu or application launcher!
      1. fedora LXDE
        1. Here is some good information
        2. Some More
        3. I'm putting mine in ~/.local/share/applications/Tor-Browser.desktop
        4. chmod 770 ~/.local/share/applications

      2. [Desktop Entry]
        Name=TOR Browser
        Name[en_US]=TOR Browser
        Comment[en_US]=TOR Browser-tor-browser
        1. I do not have the ixpanelctl command so I logged off and on
      3. Fedora 19 with Cinnamon
        1. Use the Cinnamon Menu Editor to add a New Item
  4. Look over Secure Firefox (particularly NoScript) to tighten things up
  5. I can't decide yet to add the AddBlock Plus Extention because I don't fully understand the implications