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Open Issues

  1. This is a list of Open Issues
    1. Things I don't know how to do
    2. Things I wish software/hardware would do
    3. Things I haven't done yet
  2. Dark VM
    1. Having problems booting a raw disk
      1. It may be that root can't write to my desktop
  3. VirtualBox
    1. I don't like that it doesn't support Secure Boot
    2. I don't like that it comes from Oracle
    3. Booting a VM from USB should be easier
    4. I'm unclear what happens to a guest when the host does a Power Down or shutdown
    5. VirtualBox is a little slow I wonder if KVM is the way to go
    6. Guest Additions instalation and maintance is fragile
  4. Fedora 19 LXDE
    1. Long ago I started on the free versions of Red Hat
    2. I left Fedora for Ubuntu a while back
      1. Fedora became too hard to install
      2. RPM Hell became unmanageable
      3. Multimedia was very difficult to configure and install
      4. Fedora has come a long way and it's much better now, but there are still warts
      5. Multimedia is still too hard to install correctly
      6. I'm unclear what happen when I close the laptop lid
        1. I think the system does a "Power Down"
        2. I think "Power Down" is really a Linux shutdown
      7. My favorite OS is Mint Cinnamon
        1. I was unclear about how to do full disk encryption with custom partitions
        2. I might try again
      8. I don't understand why Fedora 19 LXDE doesn't have more control over Updates
        1. Why doesn't it check and alert me?
        2. Why doesn't it automatically download critical patches so that my patch process can be quicker? 
  5. HP Pavilion G7 2243us Laptop
    1. Inability to update BIOS unless Windows is running
      1. I should have dual booted the machine
      2. Why run a bloated Windows 8 partition just for BIOS maintenance?
      3. I would be happy with this purchase except for this one issue.
        1. I will never buy a HP laptop again
      4. Every system vendor should put their updates on a bootable ISO that can also read from a USB stick
      5. Is it really that hard?
      6. I'm going to try this
        1. That doesn't work HP Sucks
      7. You may be able to use Free DOS and unpack the HP executable but I've been scared off
      8. HP Sucks!
      9. Don't buy HP laptops or Desktops if you want to run Linux
    2. No Bluetooth for a mouse, I need all the USB slots I have
    3. Sometimes it's difficult to do 2 finger scroll or tap for right mouse button on the mouse pad
      1. It's probably user error, maybe interactions with Linux
    4. I can't open the DVD tray with my finger
  6. Problems with my approach
    1. Difficulty
      1. Difficult to build
      2. Difficult to operate
      3. Difficult to maintain
      4. Difficult to restore after a catastrophe
    2. To get the necessary size and power this laptop is heavy and huge!
    3. I have trust issues. I trust that there are no backdoors or significant weaknesses:
      1. Laptop Manufacture
      2. Fedora and Linux kernel
      3. VirtualBox
      4. Tor Browser
      5. The TOR network
        1. Maybe TOR is a giant NSA run proxy server
      6. Linux full disk encryption
      7. Chrome and Firefox (to a lesser extent)
    4. Maybe I'm stupid
      1. Sorry, I'm doing the best I can
    5. Maybe I'm a government spy
      1. Is their anything I can write on the Internet to convince you?
      2. Check everything I recommend