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Secure Chrome Config

This page describes how I configure the Chrome Browser on Fedora


Basic Chrome Config for using Chrome to communicate with a Google Apps Account
  1. Install Chrome Link
    1. Here is how to install Chrome on Mint 16 (or Ubuntu) from a Repository
  2. Use those instruction to install Chrome Stable
  3. Open Chrome and log in
    1. Give sync time to do it's thing
  4. Open Settings
    1. Advanced Settings
      1. Downloads Ask where to download
      2. Set Language
  5. Extensions
    1. KB SSL Enforcer
    2. Checker Plus for Gmail
    3. Checker Plus for Google Calendar
    4. Feedly
      1. Feedly doesn't display an icon had to add a bookmark 
    5. Google Chrome to Phone
    6. Google Docs (Drive)
    7. Google Keep
      1. Just need a link
    8. Google Voice
    9. Lastpass
      1. They have a list of all your passwords. Nothing sensitive here
    10. Print Using Cloud Print
      1. Test Printing
    11. Proxy Switchy Sharp
      1. Use this to configure a switch between direct internet and TOR
      2. NOTE: We are installing this TOR button to cause random TOR traffic 
        1. Using Chrome this way will not improve privacy or anonymity
        2. It leaks DNS traffic from your HOME VM IP address
        3. It does provides noise
        4. For example, I must confess to an unhealthy obsession with cute kittens videos
          1. I use the TOR network at least once a day to feed my compulsion
          2. Today TOR dropped me off in Russia
          3. Here is what I think happened
            1. I bounced around TOR and eventually ended up leaving the US network
            2. This brought my traffic to the notice of the automated systems of a least two hostiles
              1. The US Secret Police
              2. The Russian Secret Police
            3. Both hostiles have multiple systems that logged  and processed my traffic
            4. In addition, both hostiles have coerced or bribed several ISP's along the way.
              1. These victims have expenses due to my suspicious use of TOR to watch kitten videos
              2. Hopefully these expenses are charged back to the hostile Nation-States 
            5. It has become apparent that hostile Nation-States have broken SSL and can probably inspect my traffic on the fly, but there is a cost associated with it.
            6. Hopefully the US Secret Police think that the nice lady who made the cute kitten video and I are in a dark, poorly understood, conspiracy to evade taxes in our drug soaked, porn laden, plot for world domination. Maybe the kitten lady is an evil genius who has embedded secrets into the videos!
            7. Hopefully the Russian Secret Police suspect the same.
            8. That might mean the cute kitten video needs addition stego processing and possibly, fueled by the fear that the nice lady is really smart, permanent archival for when technology progresses far enough to find our secrets. 
            9. Isn't this delicious? 
          4. Imagine if everyone watched one cute kitten video over TOR each day.
            1. The resources devoted to the disturbing cute kitten video problem start to climb
            2. The people who are really into dark, poorly understood conspiracies start to hid among the traffic and maybe even branch out to cute puppy videos.
            3. Hostile Nation-States build entire data centers dedicated to the cute kitten video crisis
          5. They called their program "Bullrun". I call this my "Manassas Tax"
    12. Shareaholic
      1. They probably have a log of everything you share
        1. Don't use for sensitive stuff
    13. Referer Control