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Secure Firefox Config

This document describes my basic Firefox Browser configuration

All my Firefox configurations start here and are then modified based on particular needs
  1. Preferences
    1. General
      1. Always ask where to download
    2. Privacy
      1. Do not track
      2. Never remember history (Firefox will restart)
    3. Security
      1. Don't save passwords
      2. Don't set a Master Password
    4. Sync
      1. Don't do that
    5. Advanced
      1. General
        1. Always check that Firefox is the default browser
      2. Data Choices
        1. Uncheck Firefox Health Report
        2. Uncheck Crash Reporter
  2. Search and Homepage
    1. If you like Duck Duck Go 
      1. Click the blue "G" next to the word Google in the search box
      2. Select Duck Duck Go
      3. Make sure your home page is set to Duck Duck Go
        2. Preferences->General
          1. Use Current Page
    2. I Like Startpage
      1. Go to
      2. Click on the link to add it to Firefox
      3. Click on the HTTPS button
      4. Make sure it's your homepage
        2. Preferences->General
          1. Use Current Page
  3. Extensions
    1. NoScript
      1. Remove everything (that is not shaded) in the whitelist
      2. When you use NoScript grant temporary rights unless it's a site you visit often 
      3. Here is a good site on how to tighten things up
    2. AdBlock Plus
      1. Restart Firefox and click on the AdBlock icon and look at filter preferences
        1. Allow unobtrusive ads is checked
        2. I uncheck it because I believe we need to put pressure on Internet companies to lobby for government to stop invading our privacy
        3. Government does not understand the difference between you visiting a "troubling" site and you visiting a innocuous site that pushes a "troubling" advertisement to your browser
        4. After all that, I might be wrong. I punish well behaved advertisers
    3. HTTPS Everywhere
      1. This extension is not in the normal place. Goto the site
      2. I don't use the Observatory
        1. If I send every web site visit to one organization they might have my history
        2. They might give it to the Secret Police
        3. They might be forced to give it to the Secret Police
        4. The traffic might be sniffed
    4. Referer Control
    5. Self-Destructing Cookies