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The Dark VM

  1. The Dark VM is very different from the other VMs
    1. It is based on Whonix
      1. I wanted it based on Tails Linux
        1. Tails documentation to install in VirtualBox is difficult to find
        2. Tails is difficult to modify
        3. Tails is for leaving no trace while a VirtualBox install intends to leave a trace
        4. That said it's a good idea to keep a Tails Linux USB with persistence around in case you are separated from your hardware
        5. How to use Tails
          1. Burn a Tails Linux CD
            1. Make sure to validate it
          2. Create a Tails USB Stick
          3. Create a persistent volume
    2. Whonix
      1. Debian based Linux
      2. Two VirtualBox VM's Appliances work together
        1. Gateway
        2. Workstation
      3. My configuration
        1. No modifications to gateway
        2. Workstation add LibreOffice
        3. NoScript is installed insecurly
          1. Turn off "Scripts Globally Allowed"
          2. Forbid Java, JavaScript, Silverlight, FRAMES, iFrames 
            1. See Secure Firefox Config for ideas
        4. Adblock Plus
          1. Un-click "Allow some unobtrusive advertising"
            1. The Secret Police use Advertising networks to track you
          2. Add "Easy Privacy" Filter Subscription
        5. RefControl or Referer Control
          1. Unneeded
        6. Self-destructing Cookies
          1. Unneeded