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This website and associated social media sites and discussion groups are intended to help businesses, computing professionals and device owners use and organize mobile technology to conduct business. Everything shared by this site is publicly searchable. Private correspondence, particularly about the security or configuration of your systems, should not be posted here and should be sent by email or other secure methods. Those communications are considered private and will be NEVER be disclosed except if required by law. 

The advice we give is researched, but not perfect. You are responsible for your systems and data, not us. Following advice without your own research and understanding can break your systems or leave your security compromised. We are not lawyers, which means we cannot foresee if following our advise is legal or ethical.  You are responsible to follow the law and your conscience. 

We strive to provide the best information possible but sometimes we are wrong. If you are a vendor or an individual that feels our information is incorrect please let us know in our discussion group.

We do not tolerate spam, vendor bashing or personal attacks, BE NICE!

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